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by Chapeau

Tell 05:41
Sable an Oak starved and eradicated Or dexter supporter a Calygreyhound Or armed and estoily Sable bearing a Fleam sinister supporter a Yale Or armed and collared Sable wielding a Sword ensigned by a Mort’s Helm enfiled by an Ancient Crown on a wreath of the colours issuant a Panache Sable and Ermine mantling the motto “Diabolus nusquam esse, tamen Abyssus futurus” Earth Sable a gigantic Wyvern tricorporate Sable flamant, encompassing Earth enflamed
Fleam 04:23
Fjall-vargr Hjaldr-drif, vápn-hríð Frost odda, hagl brodda Nadd-regn, gustr sverða Hregg víns hrafns Drífa gífrs hlémána blakks nausta Veðr valkastar
Deafaerie 07:02
Deafaerie in the weeds End my life, eat my wings Deafaerie in my dreams Dim my lights, rest in peace
Wodehouse 02:19
I must kill the wodehouse, he must die "He is not the wodehouse, spare his life" He is the wodehouse, he will die
Agape 05:17
Old eyes look down from the sky with love Never ending love, love for everything they see Projecting love through the eyes of the bodies they meet Focusing love from one body to another And back again in a chain of love That only amplifies the love each time the cycle is complete And continues on in an endless repeat
Duciper Rox 01:14
Love came rushing in out of the sky Lover, when you take me I could die
First trains running, something’s wrong Silver collides and breaks the dawn Now the tunnel’s on fire – on fire And my transfer’s expired – expired Please unseal Lansdowne Station sarcophagus Does anyone remember what the procedure is When the tunnel’s on fire – on fire And your transfer’s expired – expired?
Templetops 02:05
Fall from the heavens Rise up from the pavement Below circles downwards tapping Entwine the depths of Hades – beyond death Grow, soil invader Fan out, shade the wealthless children Home until bitter endings Home is where the heart is – beyond life
The locked embrace, the stumble round The sidewalk papers gutter-press you down Who can say where we're going You’ll wake up soon and fight in the morning I could talk talk talk, talk myself to death My heart has flown away now Will it never stop bleeding?
Is this attack of the cherub? You ought to let me know… Would you invite me to enter, or have me wander forever? Is it safe? You better tell me now… I don’t intend to wait on a heart that’s coming I still remember the first time You appeared in my dreams and you choked All the real from the life that I see When I wake now I only live asleep Is this attack of the cherub? Would you invite me to enter? Is it safe? I ain't gonna wait… She thinks I’m a fool She said turn away Stay without A heart to love


Recorded in 2004 (tracks 1-5) and 2005 (tracks 6-11) for a pair of unrealized split releases with Black Mayonnaise to follow their initial 2004 split CDr on Brise-Cul Records.



released May 7, 2014


all rights reserved



Cassatio Toronto, Ontario


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